Access to goods and services in most African cities is as ‘hard as a nail’. One has to manipulate through a heavy clumsy traffic, only to meet awkward crowds of other service seekers at various centres. It’s worse in the area of transportation. Timely access to efficient, safe and skilled riders is not an easy thing in most of African cities. We exist to make life easy and to make sure everyone benefits.

8th Dec 2018

First dressing of our Riders

1st Dec 2018

Official Go live for customers

27th Oct 2018

First meeting with Cab drivers (Mentors)

13th Oct 2018

500 motorbike drivers registered in Uganda (word of mouth)

15th Sept 2018

First meeting with motorbike drivers (Chairmen and mentors)

18 Oct 2018

The Merged version (client and freelancer in one app) released on Google Play Store

1st May 2018

The first prototype on Google Play Store (now called “The first Bird”)

11th April 2018

YellowBIRD Technology created



Our main target is Africa.
Kampala, Douala, Nairobi, Kigali, Dar Es Salam, Yaoundé …


Network of professionals available 24/7 for all your needs. They are cab/motorbike drivers, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, cleaners, … just waiting to serve you.


More people are downloading and signing in as freelancer. You can join the family and start your journey with us.

So far, So good

We are on the way.

We are moving on a high speed because we care for our freelancers (we want them to earn enough for their living) and we also care for our clients (we want them to feel special and spend less).


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P.O. Box: 9180 Kampala
Plot 147 Mutesa II Road, Ntinda
Office line : +256 200 956 555
Mobile: +257 702 992 464

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